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Stella bridges the gap in menopause care

byAndrea Berchowitz

Stella now offers a free online assessment to recommend personalised treatment options to help you manage your menopause symptoms, including the Stella menopause support app and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if it is right for you.

High-quality, personalised menopause care can reduce the risk of ill health in later life, yet menopause is complex and everyone’s menopause journey is unique to them and affected by multiple factors. Those with menopausal symptoms face a difficult situation in the UK when going to their time-poor doctors for help.

There’s a big gap between the needs of those managing menopause and the quality of the care they’re typically offered. We can see this clearly from our newly published research, which draws on one of the most extensive menopause-focused datasets yet:

  • More than 90% of women who went to their doctor for a solution for menopause symptoms didn’t get what they needed
  • Over 40% who say they didn’t get any help at all

Stella is here to help by providing better menopause care, improving the quality of life now and health in later life by offering a full range of evidence-based ways to manage menopause symptoms.

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What works?

We know what works when it comes to menopause symptoms. Research shows that lifestyle and behavioral changes can decrease the severity of menopausal symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, hot flushes [1], weight gain [2], sleep issues [3], and urogenital symptoms [4].

The Stella menopause support app offers a personalised plan for specific symptoms that brings together the lifestyle change recommendations that research has shown to be most effective. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy for sleep disturbance, specific pelvic floor muscle training for bladder and sex problems and nutritionist-approved advice for weight management.

It works. 75% of women who complete their Stella plans report an improvement in their symptoms.

HRT is the most commonly prescribed medication for managing menopausal symptoms [5], and is proven to be effective across a wide range of symptoms [6, 7, 8]. 81% of women prescribed HRT reported that their symptoms improved after taking it.

Our thorough online assessment asks questions about symptoms, medical history, lifestyle and preferences to recommend treatment. If HRT is right for you, you can get delivery within 3-5 days, online doctor’s appointments to discuss treatment options, ongoing support from our care team and a medical review within three months to check how you are doing.

Lifestyle changes and HRT complement each other. You can use the Stella app at the same time as HRT or on its own if hormone treatments are not right for you.

Read more about HRT risks and benefits.

How does our online assessment work?

Our free online assessment checks whether HRT is right for you and calculates the best treatments based on your specific menopause symptoms, medical history and preferences. There are 77 prescription options for HRT and varying combinations of hormones, doses and preparations to make sure the benefits outweigh the risks.

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