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Menopause care you can trust

Stella is an online clinic for menopause support. Get fast, safe access to the right combination of menopause treatments for you, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

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Personalised menopause relief for you

Our free online assessment recommends treatments personalised to your medical history and symptoms, from HRT to lifestyle medicine.

  • HRT delivered within five days
  • Personalised plans for lifestyle change
  • Buy menopause products that work in our shop

Symptom-specific treatment

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How it works

Start your free assessment

Tell us your symptoms and medical history so we can assess your menopause stage and recommend treatment that’s right for you.

Choose your treatments

In addition to HRT, Stella also provides personalised lifestyle advice specific to your symptoms and the products you need.

Get ongoing support

Speak to a doctor if you have questions, prescriptions arrive within five days, track progress and join online community events.

Start your free online assessment to see if HRT is right for you

Meet our care team

We’re here to answer your questions and offer support. Book an appointment with a menopause specialist, join group coaching sessions, exercise classes and much more.

Symptoms we cover

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  • What is Stella?
    • Stella offers personalised, affordable menopause support care and access to all treatment options, including the Stella app to help lifestyle change and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if eligible.

      The Stella menopause app offers a personalised plan with the lifestyle changes that research has shown to be most effective for your specific symptoms, such as sleep issues, mood changes, weight gain, hot flushes and sweats, bladder problems and low libido, plus much more. Inside the app, you can explore menopause-specific articles, recipes, mindfulness meditations, soundscapes, exercise classes and join our community with live expert Q&As. You can set habits and track progress.

      Stella+ offers a free in-depth online assessment. The assessment will help you find the menopause treatment options that are specific to your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle and preferences. This could include HRT as well as lifestyle change advice with the Stella app. Online appointments with doctors can be booked to discuss options. Regulated HRT is delivered within three days. The first prescription is always for three months and there is a three-month review to see how it’s going.

      Stella helps you understand how to improve your health now and in later life.
  • Can I get HRT through Stella?
    • Once you have completed your free online assessment, we review your answers to see if HRT is right for you. If it is and you want to try HRT, your HRT prescription will be sent directly to you and will be delivered within three to five days. The first prescription is always for three months and you’ll have a three-month review to see how it’s going.
  • Can Stella be offered by workplaces?
    • Yes! You can book a demo by emailing us at where we explain our packages and onboarding process. Our clinical team can also run sessions to explain menopause for managers or the whole organisation to raise awareness. Find out more on our For Work page.

      Want your workplace to offer Stella? Share our For Work page and ask them to book a demo.
  • How much does Stella cost?
    • Stella costs £135 for a three-month subscription with our introductory offer, this includes talking to one of our doctors for a 20-minute online appointment every three months, your HRT medication and shipping costs, plus access to the Stella menopause support app.
  • How qualified are your doctors?
    • Our doctors are general practitioners (GPs), gynaecologists or doctors with a special interest and additional training in women’s health. They are all registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) with a license to practise in the UK. 
  • How do I get more medication?
    • Your prescription is for 3 months. We’ll email you before your prescription runs out. We will ask you to complete a follow-up questionnaire to make sure your medication is right for your symptoms. We will ask about your symptoms again as they can change over time and we need to understand how you are currently feeling. If everything is working, we will renew your prescription for another 3 months. If there are any issues, we will work with you on a new plan. 
  • Does the Stella app work?
    • Yes. Research shows that 75% of women who complete a Stella plan report improved symptoms and 80% say they feel better.

      Stella is recommended by menopause specialists.