The Latest Information on Menopause Symptoms | Stella
13 mins

Different types of HRT – which is right for you?

by Dr. Lucy Wilkinson

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Get empowered and read The Latest for everything you need to know about menopause. We share inspiring stories by women just like you who have overcome challenging symptoms. Find guidance from our experts to improve your health, ease tense relationships and manage menopause at work. Read our deep dives into menopause symptoms in our library.

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Anxiety & mood
8 mins

Hormonal changes and life milestones make low mood common during menopause. Here’s when to get help and what treatment can help bring back your usual self.


Your body
7 mins

Can you test for perimenopause? Do you need to do a blood test to confirm menopause? Read on to find out about the limitations on tests for menopause.


Anxiety & mood
5 mins

Menopause can be a challenge so how do you find opportunities to improve your life without being immersed in toxic positivity? Women share their advice…