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Our most frequently asked questions about Stella.

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Can an app help menopause symptoms?

Yes, it can. Research shows that apps can help tremendously – 80% of medical studies found apps had a positive impact on targeted medical outcomes or behaviour (source).

What is Stella?

Stella is an app that supports women to manage their menopause symptoms so they can carry on with their lives.

Whether it’s a stronger pelvic floor, a better night’s sleep, losing weight, or overcoming anxious feelings – Stella helps women understand how to improve their health now and in later life.

When you sign up to Stella, you get a personalised plan focused on your most bothersome symptoms.

Stella encourages lifestyle behaviour change and new habits that are medically proven to ease symptoms.
You can track progress, listen to guided meditations, and join weekly online events with expert Q&As, mindfulness, and exercise classes.

Does Stella work?

Stella works. Research shows that 75% of women who complete a Stella plan report improved symptoms and 80% say they feel better.
Stella is recommended by menopause specialists.

Where can I download Stella?

You can download Stella in the Apple App Store in the UK, Ireland and USA. It is also available through BenefitHub in the USA. Android is coming soon.

How do I subscribe?

Download from the app store and follow the instructions on your screen to subscribe.

What symptoms does Stella support?

Stella supports nearly all of the 34 recognised symptoms of menopause, across sleep, mood, sex and relationship, weight gain, pelvic floor and hot flushes/night sweats, plus much more.

Are Stella coaches real?

You are supported through your plan by a real-life coach if you want the interaction and encouragement.

The coach is there to signpost to resources and check-in with progress. Women who interact with a Stella coach are three times more likely to complete their plan.

What happens if I miss a week of my treatment plan?

Each week, a new part of your plan unlocks. This gradual learning process allows sufficient time for a sustainable lifestyle change.

We know that behaviour change takes time and this is why we approach week-by-week until you feel better.

If you miss a week, your session will still be available for you when you are ready to jump back in again.

How much time does Stella take?

The time spent using Stella is at the complete discretion of each woman. You can spend as little time as you want (maybe reading a few articles) or as much time as you want (deep diving into your plan’s recommended new habits and resources).

Stella was designed to deliver value while fitting into even the busiest lifestyle, making sure that all sessions and habits can be actioned without compromising on accuracy or quality.

How can I track my progress?

Stella uses a weekly wellbeing score plus a monthly symptoms check-in so you can track your progress. The symptoms check-in is based on the Green Climacteric Score.

What resources are in Stella?

Stella has hundreds of menopause-specific articles, including stories from women just like you sharing what worked for them and their experiences. If you want to get active, you can watch videos chosen for their suitability for midlife women.

If you want to overhaul your nutrition, choose from our bank of menopause-friendly recipes.

We also offer guided meditations, sleep stories and soundscapes to help you relax or regain focus.

How do I join Stella Live online events?

We hold regular events online that you can join for free, including exercise classes, yoga and expert Q&As.

If you’ve subscribed, you will receive a weekly newsletter that will share the upcoming scheduled events, or you can keep an eye out on our Stella Live page and sign up there.

Does Stella help workplaces support menopause?

Our clinical team can run a session that includes an introduction to menopause: symptoms, treatment options and red flags to look out for. Sessions are open to anyone and play a major role in increasing awareness within the organisation.

Can my workplace offer Stella to staff?

Yes, it can consider Stella! You can share our Stella at Work page with your manager or they can email us at hello@onstella.com for more information.