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Menopause is a unique experience for everyone


Julie overcame the fact her GP was the age of her sons…

As I approach later life, my menopause journey is coming to an end. I had mild symptoms and my only implications are skin thinning and weight issues. 

Menopause is not a defined thing and is so varied and individual. My biggest hurdle has been identifying which issues are due to menopause and which are down to age, lifestyle and medication.

How I found out I was in perimenopause

My iron levels had dropped dramatically”

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The word ‘menopause’ was not in my vocabulary until my periods got worse and my iron levels had dropped dramatically. My GP tested my hormone levels and told me I had started perimenopause. 

I had little family history to refer to as my mother had a hysterectomy at 45, my aunt died of a massive heart attack at 55 and my grandmother died at 45 after a stroke. So, with the added “we don’t talk about that” attitude, there wasn’t a lot to go on.

Don’t fret in fear of what’s coming

My GP has been extremely good and willing to listen. The fact that he is the age of my sons is a little off-putting, but he always checks out anything I am worried about or if there is anything suspicious. I’ve had little other support other than referencing useful information via the internet.

I would advise not pre-empting fears or problems, but to deal with changes and issues as they arrive. Don’t be fearful of asking for tests or sharing worries with your medical team or other close women friends.

Easing my menopausal symptoms

There are things that you can do to reduce menopausal symptoms, such as a wool or silk duvet and pillowcase, as they regulate temperature. Buy natural fibres where possible, allowing your body to acclimatise. Also looking at your diet, particularly your vitamins and mineral intake, can be extremely useful.

I have never tolerated hormones well”

I‘ve used Vagifem (Estradiol) pessaries for when my skin feels a bit sensitive. I have never tolerated hormones well, so this works for me.

I would love to know how much our changing diet and environment have changed our symptoms of menopause and do women in other countries cope better?

Final word

A large longitudinal study followed over 2,000 women and shows that each woman’s experience of menopause is different. Learning more about others’ experiences can be a valuable way to feel connected and learn more, and on the Stella app you can also read about other women’s stories and questions.

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