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Menopause at work:why it matters

Stella co-founder, Andrea Berchowitz, explains the link between menopause in the workplace and gender equity for Ted Talks, Global Idea Search.


How does Stella help menopausal women at work?

80 %

of women who complete their Stella Plan report improved symptoms

Stella is an app that helps women find support for menopause symptoms. The app offers a personalised plan for the most bothersome symptoms, real-life coaching, useful resources and an interactive community. It is available on iOS and Android is coming soon.

The app can complement HRT prescriptions or any medical support they may already be receiving from their doctor. Women can sign up discreetly and in confidence without managers knowing by downloading from the app store.

What’s inside Stella?



  • To help sleep issues, anxious feelings and mood swings, weight, general aches and pains, pelvic floor problems, hot flushes and night sweats, plus much more
  • Helps women change their lifestyle through cognitive behaviour change




  • Invites to Stella Live online events with weekly yoga, exercise classes and interactive Q&As
  • One on one coach chat with a real person to answer questions
  • Women receive emotional support, motivation and encouragement to achieve goals




  • Articles and shared experience from other women
  • Audio meditation and music to relax, recharge or find focus
  • Menopause-friendly recipes
  • Cardio and strength-training exercises



Stella helps women understand how to improve their health now and in later life. Did you know that better care and support during menopause can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia?
There are a number of factors contributing to global gender inequity in the workplace. But there is one factor often under-recognised, and that’s menopause

Ted Talks, Global Idea

Menopause is impacting your workplace

60 %

negatively impacted while at work

30 %

missed work unexpectedly

8 %

resigned from their position


Stella and menopause in the workplace FAQS

Many women rise into senior leadership positions in their 40s or 50s, just when perimenopause, the transition into menopause, generally occurs. Menopause symptoms start just as a woman is stepping up and earning at her highest potential. It can feel like her body is betraying her.

Menopause is not something that happens to women in midlife, it can happen much earlier. Women can experience early menopause and induced or surgical menopause due to treatment.

There are more than 34 menopause symptoms that can be difficult to pinpoint, change all the time and are completely unique to every woman. They can be physical, such as hot flushes, joint pain, urinary incontinence and heavy periods. They can also be mental with anxiety, depression, bouts of low confidence and difficulty sleeping. Imagine 10 years of difficulty with sleeping? A woman will never really know what to expect as menopause differs from woman to woman. But make no mistake, menopause symptoms are significant.

A day in the life of a woman with menopause symptoms could involve dealing with a sudden hot flush, rushing to the loo to mop up sweat and boiling while everyone else is freezing. They might want to skip a meeting or send someone else because a wave of anxiety makes them feel overwhelmed. Or it could be they want to work from home because very heavy periods have made it virtually impossible to move far.

More than 50% of women are too scared to talk about menopause at work. Menopause has historically been a taboo topic spoken about in hushed tones –if at all. The symptoms are tough enough without having to manage in secret.

A study by Vodafone found that 60% of women said menopause symptoms impacted their work. A study in the UK found that 30% of women missed work because of menopause symptoms.
Menopause can negatively impact careers and 11% of women didn’t take up a promotion and 8% resigned because of menopausal symptoms.

What does it mean for your workplace? It means a significant loss of senior talent, difficulty increasing gender diversity, increased absenteeism and a loss of productivity. And yet, supportive treatment is comparatively cost-effective.

Representation matters and supporting senior women to stay in your company means younger staff have inspirational role models.

The workplace can start with getting serious about menopause and raising awareness within its environment, culture and management. Simple changes to the physical setup of offices, resetting expectations around work culture and updating health care policies will make a big difference.

Open-plan offices are a disaster for controlling the temperature and privacy when you’re having a hot flush or need a moment to regroup. Changing the entire floor plan overnight is a bit of an ask but a private break out room, desk fans, period products in the loo and letting people move away from radiators or hot sun can help.

If women need to wear uniforms at work, use a thinner fabric, making it more breathable or even sweat-wicking can make a huge difference to a woman’s comfort, as well as having a few extra around, if a quick change is required during the day.

Pretending the natural process of ageing doesn’t exist is a complete waste of time. Bring the discussion right into the workplace and include menopause within existing training on things like diversity and inclusion, anti-harassment, mental health or parental leave. Invite all genders and ages to understand menopause, so people can learn how to be supportive.

When symptoms are out of control, normalise women asking for more frequent breaks or to be able to pause while having a hot flush. Leniency from an office around scheduling or more frequent breaks will make a huge difference in retaining women.

Including menopause within the healthcare provision helps give a woman the support and education she needs to manage menopause without guilt, shame and embarrassment. Private healthcare is not enough on its own as a woman may need to see a gynaecologist, endocrinologist, pelvic floor physio or therapist – which can be complex and time-consuming. Stella has all the information and support needed on-demand and in one place.

Stella is evidence-based and uses the latest scientific research on what works for women dealing with menopausal symptoms. The app helps women make sustainable lifestyle changes across sleep, stress management, nutrition and exercise to find relief.

Stella plans use cognitive behavioural therapy, sleep scheduling, pelvic floor physiotherapy, mindfulness and stress management techniques. The content format is varied, again depending on what a woman wants to use. The app has audio, video, articles, interactive chat and invites to live events on zoom.

We don’t interfere with the pharmaceutical choices a woman makes with her doctor. Stella is designed to support all women coping with menopausal symptoms, whether she is on HRT or not.

The time spent using Stella is at the complete discretion of the woman. She can spend as little time as she wants (maybe reading a few articles) or as much time as she wants (completing a session each week of her personalised plan).

Each plan focuses on the two most bothersome symptoms. A session is unlocked each week and takes 10-12 minutes to read. Women can choose from a range of habits or create their own to add to their plan. Stella reminds women about their habits, helping them fit their plan into their busy lives.

Long-term behaviour change takes time and consistency, but the Stella Care Team, a real-life human coach, is on hand to motivate, encourage and keep women focused on their goals.

Our clinical team runs a session with your staff where we cover an overview of menopause, including symptoms, treatment options and red flags to look out for.
Sessions are open to anyone and play a major role in increasing awareness in the organisation
We can schedule these according to your needs – even if that means a few to accommodate time zones or shifts.

We run ‘menopause 101’ sessions at companies to introduce the topic and answer questions. We are open to tailoring the right set of sessions for your needs.

Menopause is personal and private and this is why women can sign up in confidence without alerting her manager that she is experiencing menopause symptoms. Women download directly from the Apple App Store (Android is coming soon). We provide a code for them to input at sign-up so it’s free at point of service. We can provide email text and codes immediately.

The cost depends on the scale of your company. Email us to let us know your company size and we will give a quote.

What women say

I’ve been getting hot flushes for over 10 years. It’s awful to feel so exposed when they come on in a meeting, as they stop me focusing on what we’re talking about. Stella’s practical tips have helped me

Menopause has knocked me for six. It’s particularly derailing at work when people expect me to be at the top of my game. To feel supported by knowledgeable experts has been invaluable

Work has been a source of stress for a while now, and the menopause hasn’t helped! Stella has helped me tackle things that I previously thought I’d just have to put up with for life

Stella fits into your employees' lives

Always on

Menopause does not keep office hours. Your team can download menopause app Stella so help is available whenever it is needed


It's hard to find time to see multiple specialists. Stella brings together the diversity of care required to manage menopause in one place


Some topics are hard to talk about. Stella provides a private, confidential place for your employees to figure out what works for them


There is so much misinformation out there. Stella is based on the best available science

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