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Online menopause consultation & medication

Personalised treatment to help you feel like you again


Initial 20-minute consultation & medication


  • Immediate health insights after online menopause assessment
  • Talk to a doctor within 1 week
  • Three months of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – free UK delivery
  • Lifestyle guidance with our menopause app

Join others in finding relief fast

“It was so easy to book an online appointment. I felt listened to by a caring clinician. They were so helpful”


“Your online clinic and Stella care team are A+ at helping women access HRT. I feel like I’m starting to get my life back!”


“The Stella app literally brought me to tears of gratitude. I have fully embraced making changes to my life and feel the best I have in the last two years”


How it works

Complete your assessment

Find out your menopause stage with our clinically based assessment designed by doctors

Book an appointment

Online consultations with clinicians who can talk you through your treatment options, including HRT

Download the Stella app

Get going on your tailored lifestyle plan created by experts

Get started with your assessment today

Get started with your assessment today

  • We ask in-depth questions about your health & history
  • We screen for 65 risk factors
  • It takes just 15 minutes

Ongoing support for lifestyle change

Reach your health goals with motivational coaching, expert articles, meditations, recipes, live Q&As and more

Questions? We can help

Contact our customer care team:
Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm
020 801 62064


What is Stella?

Stella is an online clinic offering personalised menopause care. Our treatment options include ongoing clinical support, prescriptions and medication, if right for you.

The Stella menopause app offers tailored lifestyle change support with access to coaching and a library of expert articles, video workouts, audio meditations, recipes, and more. You can join the community for regular virtual Q&As with experts.

We provide care for those living in England, Scotland and Wales. We are unable to support those living in Northern Ireland at this time.

How much does Stella cost?

It’s just £135 for an online doctor’s appointment, three months of medication, delivery and full access to the Stella menopause app.

How do I book a consultation?

Once you complete your assessment, you can book your consultation online.

What treatments do you offer?

Our clinicians will review your symptoms and medical history to determine which treatments are right for you. We can prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or other medication, if right for you.

HRT is an effective treatment for a range of menopause symptoms

What symptoms does Stella support?

There are more than 30 menopause symptoms and we can help with most of them, such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood changes, sleep issues, brain fog, joint pain, and more!