Ruth Ramsay, Author at Stella

Ruth Ramsay

Adult sex educator and coach

Ruth Ramsay is an adult sex educator and coach. She helps people understand who they are sexually, how their bodies and minds work, what they need and desire, and how to communicate that. Her style is upbeat and pleasure-led. Ruth holds a transformational coaching diploma, backed with vast life experience. She holds an Erotic Award for campaigning for the sexual rights of people with disabilities, has a TEDx Talk with over one million views (‘Revamp Your Sex Life In Six Minutes’), was a striptease artist for 14 years and writes regularly for the UK press. Her mission is to normalise shame-free conversation around sex and for sexual energy to be recognised as a force for good.

Sex & relationships
12 mins

Low libido along with decreased confidence is common in menopause. But this doesn’t mean your sex life is over. Sex expert Ruth Ramsay shares her top tips.