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Testosterone treatment from Stella

byDr Rachel Hines

People are looking for high-quality menopause care that is personalised to their symptoms and needs. Stella’s clinical services offer lifestyle change support and effective treatments, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and testosterone. Testosterone can be an important part of your menopause treatment plan, depending on your symptoms. We’re here to help you explore treatment options that are right for you.

What symptoms will testosterone help with?

UK clinical guidelines recommend that testosterone should be considered as a treatment to help with low sex drive or libido, if HRT alone is not effective.  It can be an important hormone for those who are experiencing a significant change in their sex drive due to menopause. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a prescription for testosterone from your doctor.  

Read our guide to testosterone for menopause symptoms

Is it safe to get testosterone prescribed online?

Yes, it is safe if you have a thorough assessment, a consultation with a doctor and a blood test to check your testosterone levels. Testosterone can be prescribed for women to treat low libido and some women find they notice improvements in mood, brain fog, energy levels and aches and pain. However, there is not currently enough evidence to support prescribing for symptoms other than low libido. Research is ongoing in this area. 

How we make sure testosterone is safe for you

  • We ask you to complete an in-depth online assessment and answer health and history questions to see if testosterone is right for you
  • We send you a finger prick blood test by post to check your testosterone levels. We partner with Thriva for accurate and effective blood test kits
  • Our clinicians check your blood test results and schedule an online appointment to discuss your treatment options with you 

What testosterone is available? 

We will explain the different types of testosterone available during your consultation and you can choose what suits you best. We prescribe testosterone brands Tostran, Testogel, Testim and Androfeme. Find out more about testosterone options.

What can you expect with our testosterone service?

Testosterone may be an option if you are already taking HRT but your libido hasn’t improved. Stella also offers HRT if that is something you would like to explore.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete our free online assessment. If you don’t already have a code, use TTNEW23
  • We will contact you by email if you are eligible for testosterone and you can choose to subscribe
  • We send you a finger prick blood test by post 
  • Our team will book you an online doctor’s appointment to discuss your results, treatment plan and prescription 
  • Your testosterone will be delivered to your address within five business days
  • You can download the Stella app for lifestyle change support during your menopause

How much does testosterone cost with Stella?

Our testosterone service costs £200 per quarter. This includes your finger prick blood test and postage, doctor’s appointment, medication and delivery. If you’re already on HRT through the NHS, that is fine and it does not need to change. We can still help you. If you would like to receive your HRT from Stella too, that would be at no extra cost.

The testosterone payment will be in two instalments:

  • £135 for your consultation  
  • £65 for your blood tests and the medication

Androfeme will cost an additional £100 per quarter.

What happens if you’re not eligible for testosterone?

Testosterone isn’t the right treatment for everyone. It won’t be prescribed for you if your blood tests show your testosterone levels are above a certain level, or there are medical reasons why it is not safe for you. 

There are many ways to treat low libido beyond testosterone, including traditional HRT and lifestyle changes, as supported on the Stella app. Our doctors will always discuss alternatives with you and make sure you have the best combination of treatments.

You can download the Stella app if HRT is not right for you or if you choose not to go ahead with treatment. The app offers you a personalised plan with the lifestyle changes that research has shown to be most effective for your specific symptoms. This includes sleep issues, mood changes, weight gain, hot flushes and sweats, brain fog, bladder problems and low libido, plus much more.

What can you do if you have a question about your order, subscription, prescription or anything else?

You can email us at or call 020 801 62064 and we’ll get back to you.

Can I just have testosterone without HRT? 

No. You need to be taking HRT and your treatment needs to be stable. Being stable means that your HRT is not causing you side effects and is effectively managing your symptoms – aside from low libido. This is a recommendation made by the British Menopause Society and by NICE. Your HRT can be prescribed by Stella at no extra cost, or through the NHS.

Oestrogen treats many different menopause symptoms, all of which can contribute to low libido and sexual difficulties. Testosterone without oestrogen can lead to more side effects, including acne and excess hair growth. This is why we repeat your blood tests and work carefully with you to ensure your dose is at the right level and adjust if needed. If you are currently taking oral HRT you may be recommended to switch to transdermal HRT as it doesn’t impact testosterone’s effectiveness in the same way and you may find it improves your libido. 

Final word

Everyone’s experience of menopause is unique so it’s really important you get the menopause care that is right for you. We believe that adding testosterone tests and treatment for low libido is a positive step in giving you more choice. If you are curious about your treatment options, explore Stella’s private clinical options to see what we can offer you. Use the code TTNEW23 when requested. Let’s get you the best menopause care available!